Switzerland, France, and Germany: Post 1

Hello All,

First, I have to apologize that my blog has been completely neglected while I have been traveling. I have been in and out of the country for the past month or so. My wonderful husband, Reese is doing a lot of work in Basel, Switzerland so my mother, Baby G and I ventured over for a couple of weeks. Basel is located at the very top of Switzerland and is about 15 minutes to France and 15 minutes to Germany. We took full advantage and visited the following cities:

Zurich, Switzerland
Colmar, France
Freiburg, Germany
Strasbourg, France
Interlaken, Switzerland
Lake Lucerne, Swintzerland
Wein am Rhein, Germany

Architecture and Design in Switzerland is of course a fantastic mix or ultra-modern and antiquated buildings. Here are a few images from our trip:

This was Colmar, France. Next post, Interlaken.


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