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I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted on my blog! 2 weeks. It has been a really crazy summer. I am very fortunate to be busy with some fantastic clients and some really great design projects going on currently. I have been neglecting my blogging recently for a really fun project. It is an insurance agency called Brightway Insurance which has a whole new spin/concept surrounding the boring world of insurance. We are working hard to stay on a pretty tight budget, but to also create a fun environment for her employees.

Here are some of the ideas that I have found have a big impact, with a pretty small price tag. Most of these things can even been done without the help of a contractor or a professional painter.

This is an original inspiration image that my client sent to me. I think it's a great way to make a big, big impact using only paint. I am using the idea in the main office area. We have a huge wall and guess what---can't afford artwork. What's the next best thing? A massive painted wall with ultra-bright stripes along the entire wall. Guess how much it costs...under $200. Try this instead of a headboard or if you are feeling very adventurous, anywhere else in your house!
Ok. I know everyone loves Ikea....but this place is seriously cheaper than Walmart. Crazy right?! This is a huge impact canvas for $49.99. When I say HUGE, I mean this thing is huge. Check it out. 30x50 Zebra Canvas

I just love this room in general. There are a couple of things that I love here. Remember Monica from Friends? Mix-matched chairs in her breakfast nook? Am I the only crazy that a. remembers that b. that still watches Friends c. that still loves this idea? Anyway, try mixing some pricey chairs with some Ikea chairs! Makes you look very edgy and cool, while saving money!
Try choosing some uber-cool light fixtures like these and placing them above a very cost-friendly table and chairs. Nobody will notice the furniture. It's ALL about the chandeliers.
Check out the wall in the back. Grab a paintbrush, give one to your toddler (ok, maybe not), and your non-artistic husband. Ta-Da...modern art:-)

I need to start this off by saying that this is NOT going into the office design. Look at the painting over the bed....guess how it was created....it involves a canvas on the floor, an adventurous better-half, and some naked time. You guessed it! http://www.loveisartkit.com/. Cheap, fun, and a fantastic end-result (I guess that depends on you).

What's up super cool decal?! Even the baby thinks it's cool! This costs a total of $65. You install it yourself and it adds a fun focal point to the room. I have seen some really, really bad decals. My recommendation is to check out Blik and don't ever buy cheesy decals with inspirational quotes on them....PLEASE.

I just hate to keep plugging IKEA, BUT come on.... a kitchen for $800? Amazing. Notice the tower cabinet on the left? This costs $100 and provides a complete pantry for the office-while looking great. Check out the 2 silver shelves in place of wall cabinets. These cost $14.99 each and you can stack bright plates (see below) and hang cute little tea cups from them. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to place adorable dishes on these shelves. Open shelving can go downhill very, very quickly.

I thought these were way cute. They are from West Elm and you can mix them with some white dishes to save on cost. Why can't we mix and match dishes if we are mix and matching chairs?


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