Scott's Antique Market

Scott's Antique Market is an all-time favorite designer hotspot that also happens to be baby and husband friendly, in Atlanta. There is a lot to see and do (and great designer deals and finds) for the entire family. This is a gathering of random antiques, mid-century modern pieces, refurbished furniture pieces, rugs, jewelry, art accessories, oh and yes---Fair food. Bring cash or checks, because the food is cash only and most vendors prefer checks.

Take a look at a few of our fun finds.

Gorgeous Paintings by a local artist. Ranging from $1500-$1800. It's tough to tell but they are acrylic paintings cut up and glued back together in a quilt pattern. They looked gorgeous and can be customized.

I love these shelves...I want to paint them white or coral lacquer.

Re-paint and re-cover these dining chairs and they could be really interesting.

Love this chandelier! I am seeing these everywhere lately. Dress them up with some silk shades or keep it simple with the exposed candleabras.

I have no idea where I could ever use this dresser---maybe in a little girls room? Love it either way!

Check out the mid-century modern shout out...not sure if this is an original or not, but still fantastic.

I am always looking for leather-bound books to fill clients shelves. I found the jackpot at Scott's.

I thought this was a stunning piece. It was over 9' tall and was around $1800.

This is an original piece from the 1700's. They sanded and re-finished to create an updated look. LOVE, LOVE.

This was such a unique mirror...I thought it would be perfect for a cute little powder room.

Intaglias are EVERYWHERE these days. You can get a better deal at Scott's.. Cute little carvings stuck to fabric. Could be a great do-it-yourself art piece if you are feeling inspired.

Great for a basement bar.

This is my adorable friend Carrie (aka. photographer extraordinaire). I think she was planning to stick a cute little baby in this bucket as a photography pose.


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